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Tina Majorino on "The Bronx Bunny Show"

I posted this over at _big_love, but I'd thought I'd post it here too in case some people don't subscribe to the other community.

Apparently Tina filmed an interview on "The Bronx Bunny Show" which is set to start airing on April 18 on the STARZ cable channel and my buddy directed me to this small clip.

Preview clip is here

It's pretty funny and cute. Tina is in episode 4 so that should air around May 9. They ask her about Big Love near the end.

What is The Bronx Bunny Show?
Two foul-mouthed furry animals - a bunny and a bear - invite celebrity guests into their Bronx TV studio where they run a haphazard chat-show for the uncensored cable and satellite station Channel 69
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