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Spoilers for upcoming Eps - Involving Heather & Sarah

So I totally snagged this from TWOP:

The Writing on the Wall - Big Love - 6/18/2007
Nicki and Margene respond to a crisis at Juniper Creek; Bill and Don try to nip an advertising glitch in the bud; Ben shares a family secret with Brynn; Alby takes legal matters into his own hands.

Reunion - Big Love - 6/25/2007
Bill gets down to business with Roman at Juniper Creek during Nicki's family reunion; Barb voices her displeasure at Margene and Ben's behavior; Alby refuses to honor his father's wishes regarding Joey's incarceration.

Rock and a Hard Place - Big Love - 7/2/2007
The feud between Bill and Roman heats up after a disappearance from Juniper Creek; Joey continues to take responsibility for Alby's poisoning; Sarah's interest in Scott fails to impress Heather.

A scene between Scott and Heather:

Scott works for KWSS ("a radio station owned by the church"), and Sarah's fast-food co-worker/friend, Heather (Tina Majorino) doesn't like him.
"Well, does anyone from the church tell you what to say?" asks Heather, an active member of the LDS Church.
"No," Scott says.
"Or bleep things out?"
"Well, then, it hardly sounds like censorship to me," Heather says.
"There's many different kinds of censorship," Scott replies.
"Well, the church owns the Deseret News, and it's one of the best morning papers in the country," Heather retorts.
Heather's impression of Scott is that, "He's not just progressive, he's like a ... a liberal, heathen Democrat. The fact that the church hired somebody who's so obviously against it shows just how tolerant we really are."
Of course, you can hardly disagree with her assessment that "He has to be a huge loser to be that old and going out with somebody our age."

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